FF: Secret Marriage (The Day)

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Part 1

He grabbed her hand and led her around the burning heat, he was hurting but it was his anger that always got the best of him! Kushi was speechless but it was what she wanted maybe it wasn't the right time but they were getting married!

Arnav was never able to confess because he was afraid; he always lost what he loved but not anymore! His Di and Kushi were the only people he had to call his own and he wasn't going to let NK take Kushi away!

Kushi thought of how she first felt when he held her wrist she felt insulted but today it was a different feeling! He was holding her so tightly but she didn't care.

As they took the last Phera his smile widened, Arnav turned around and saw Kushi smiling as well, his smile disappeared now he was mad, "KUSHI ab humare shaadi ho chuki hai aur woh NK, stay away from him." Kushi's huge smile also disappeared as well "Aap apne aap ko samhjte kya hai? Who are you to tell me to stay away from Nanheji?" She asked him. Arnav was happy because he finally got to tell her who he was, "I'm your husband goddamit now listen to me and stay away from NK."


In the car, Arnav told her the truth he married her because he was madly in love with her (and also to save Anjali). She was shocked but she didn't want to admit that she felt the same!

As her house came around, he dropped her off and told her not to tell anyone about their marriage. He wanted it to be a secret because if Mamiji found out she would insult Kushi to no end!

He looked at her with loving eyes, she couldn't ignore them he went in for a kiss but stopped midway, then he thought about her feeling he began to pull back, but Kushi didn't want that she leaned forward and kissed his cheek. He smiled and said goodbye!


Back at RM, Nani and Anjali were desperately awaiting Arnav's return. Little did they know, he wasn't going to return the same ASR he was instead he was going to return a married man.

He never hid anything from his Di so as soon as he walked in the door he told what happened, how Shyam used her how he had a lust for Kushi. Then he told her he married Kushi to save her from him. He warned Anjali and Nani not to tell anyone else! Anjali cried a little but then she toughened up hearing that both Payal and Kushi were a part of the family! For the rest of the night though the matter was dropped.


The next morning Kushi came over to visit Arnav but her cover story was she was visiting Payal, her jiji and now Raizada family's choti bahu.

Payal was elated to see Kushi and so was NK but Kushi ignored him as she didn't want to upset her husband.

Payal and Kushi were giggiling when Arnav walked in, He was smiling as he got to see Kushi so early in the Morning. As Arnav was smiling Kushi was blushing.


By the poolside Arnav walked over to his love and trapped her between his arms. He looked at her with his I-Love-You-So-Much look. He told her he was happy to see her so early in the morning and she said it was all for him. He blushed a little and he put his hand on her wrist, pulled her close and was about to kiss her as Anjali walked in. She coughed dramatically, and said she needed to talk to Kushi. She told her to come as soon as she was done, she winked and left giggiling.

Kushi told Arnav to let her go but he wouldn't,he had his own conditions: Promise me you'll come back as soon as you're done with whatever you have to do. Her cheeks turned red and she ran after kissing him again on the cheeks. As she ran she turned around and said only if you catch me. As she ran she bumped into mamiji...

Part 2

As she ran she bumped into mamiji...

"Hello hi bye bye, eh phatti sari yahan kya karat rahi hai? Anybays, hum yahan Arnav bitwa se baat karne aaye hai. Hato!" she said in her rudest voice. "Ji mamiji kahye." Arnav responded still smirking at Kushi. "Arnav bitwa aap ki gadi ki chabi chahiye." because she needed Akash to get something for her.

After Arnav gave the keys to Mami she left, as she left she gave Kushi a dirty look. Kushi had totally forgotten Di wanted to talk to her about something, when she remembered she went down to Di and asked what she wanted.

Di said,"Kushiji, are you alright?" Kushi replyed,"I'm fine but what about you?" Anjali looked like she was about to cry her eyes out, it made sense the guy she trusted, loved, and could die for deceived her!

NK entered the door and he said he wanted everyone to meet someone," Nanav, you know when I first met her she was just like Kushi. I want all of you to meet Lavanya."

Part 3

NK entered the door and he said he wanted everyone to meet someone," Nanav, you know when I first met her she was just like Kushi. I want all of you to meet Lavanya."

Lavanya looked just like she did when she left, traditional clothes, jewelry and poised. When she walked in she looked worried scared as if something wrong had happened. The truth was she didn't know NK was related to the Raizada family as he was a relative of mamiji.


At Kushi's house everyone was happily Buaji and Garima were eating dinner and talking about getting Kushi married to a young suitable guy now that Payal got married in a wonderful family.

As they were talking the phone rang, it was Shyam! Anjali and Shyam had a court hearing the next day. He wanted to speak to Kushi but he didn't know she wasn't home. Buaji hung up the phone in rage she was ready to kill Shyam if she ever saw him!


Lavanya said in a trustworthy voice," ASR, Chamkili, Naniji, and Anjali Di, I'm sorry I didn't NK was a Raizada family member." Kushi happily responded, "Lavanyaji, hum to kush hai ki aap vapas agaye!"

NK confused asked Anjali how they knew Lavanya and she told him that Lavanya was Arnav's ex-fianc that left him for unknown reasons. NK shocked and a little freaked out said he wanted to talk Lavanya, Arnav, and Kushi alone (Kushi because NK was able to tell they liked each other. He still didn't know about the marriage).


At the poolside, NK asks Lavanya if she still has feelings for Arnav and why they broke up. Lavanya in response to NK's question states," The only feeling I have toward Arnav is of friendship and I broke up with Arnav because he had greater feelings for Kushi that he doesn't realize.

Kushi and Arnav hearing all this began to look at each other and in their heads they were saying," The whole was able to see it were we the only people who couldn't see it?"

NK then asks Arnav of his feelings and if he is okay with them dating he says he feels the same way as Lavanya and he doesn't mind. NK turns to Kushi, and she says as long as Lavanya and Arnav don't have a problem!

Lavanya says she loves NK and that she is ready to change for him but he says he likes her just the way she is!


The next day after the court hearing, the whole Raizada family and Lavanya were leaving the court when Shyam stepped in their way. He said he was sorry and he shouldn't have done what he did, it was part of his plan but no one was ready to believe him.

The judge's order was that Anjali and Shyam are now divorced and also Shyam to stay 10 feet away from Kushi, Anjali, RM, and Kushi's house!

Part 4

The next day everyone decided to go to the Mandir. Lavanya who was feeling sick decided to stay home and Kushi came over to visit Lavanya.

Lavanya asked Kushi about what had happened and what caused the divorce. Kushi explained how Shyam used Anjali for money and how he tried to marry her. As she went on explaining she accidently blurted out something secretive. "Arnavji, when he found out he was devasted and in order to protect his sister and me he married me!"

Kushi realized what she had said and she was shocked! What had she said? What will Arnavji think? How could she make such a big mistake? Devi maiyya raksha karna!

"You're married to ASR! Chamkili congrats! Tell me how did he tell you about his feelings and how did you confess?"

"Lavanyaji, I never told him how I feel. He doesn't know I love him."

"WHAT! Chamkili so he just married you to protect you and Anjali?"

"Well he said he married because he loved me but I didn't know how to answer him."

After a moment of silence," Idea!" screamed Lavanya. "Role play, you will be Arnav and I will be you so I can show you how to confess okay?"

"Arnavji, hume aapse zaroore baat karne hai." Lavanya started.

"Bolo Kushi." Replied Kushi with a small giggle.

"ASR, I love you a lot!" said Lavanya

"No wait, Arnavji, I love you a lot!"

There was a knock on the door and as Hari Prakash went to open the door Lavanya and Kushi changed the topic.


At the poolside where Arnav and Kushi were alone Kushi began just as the role play went," Arnavji, hume aapse zaroore baat karne hai."

"Jaldi bolo, mujhe meeting ke liye ready hona hai."

"Arnavji, woh' hum' woh' I love you." smiling she ran away. She also left a huge smile on Arnav's face who tried running after her but because of the meeting couldn't.


"Ring, Ring" the phone went.

"Hello, kaun hai nandkissore?"

"Buaji hum Kushi, aaj hum ghar nahi ayenge"

"Aye titiliya, apne jiji ka sasural tumra ghar banadiya hai ka?"

"Kuch asa hi samajhelo Buaji!" she hung up the phone smirking as that was the truth that was now her house as well!

"Sanka Devi ka kya karnge?" Buaji said.


Kushi changed into and old sari that belonged to Anjali.

As Anjali was putting away the other saris a photo album dropped out of the wardrobe. She picked it up and brought it over to Kushi, "This photo is of Arnav when he was 7 we were at a carnival with my mom and dad!"

"Who's that?" Kushi pointed towards a picture of a man who was standing proud and tall.

"Chachaji, he threw us out of Sheesh Mahal when our mom and dad died. It's when sweet Arnav Malik, became arrogant Arnav Singh Raizada. It's you who changed him back to the sweet Chottey that cares about other. But Arnav and I don't like talking about Chachaji!"

"I'm sorry." A saddened Kushi said.

"It's okay, and it's getting late so you should rest. Your room is the one next to Arnav's so if you need anything you can bother him." She said with a wink.


As Kushi was going to her room, a hand pulled out and grabbed her, it was Arnav.

Her cheeks turned red like tomatoes as this was her first confrontation after her confession. He put his hand on her waist and began pulling her closer. Then he started caressing her red cheeks, she could help but blush.

"Let' go'. of me!" the words wouldn't come out as she didn't want him to let go of her. "What if someone see us?"

"You're my wife Kushi; I have a right over you!" Arnav answered, "Let them see us together."

"KUSHI!" a loud roaring voice said. Payal, it was Payal she had heard what Arnav said and the anger on her face was clearly visible.

Part 5

“KUSHI!” a loud roaring voice said. Payal, it was Payal she had heard what Arnav said and the anger on her face was clearly visible.

She walked over to Kushi and slapped her, “Kushi you have ashamed the whole Gupta family! You got married and didn’t tell anyone. Why? What was the emergency that made you do it?” She was sobbing and Kushi was shocked.

“Jiji, woh…”

“Nahi sun na hume tumare baat!”

“Payal, I will explain, I married Kushi because I love her a lot, I wanted to protect her from Shyam and also because I was enraged and jealous. It’s not her fault.”

The way he spoke made Kushi feel safe. Like he would always protect her no matter what happens! There was an assurance in his voice something proud.

Payal stopped sobbing and looked at them, first with no words to say but when she spoke she said “Kushi you got a great husband, I’m sorry for yelling at you I’m really happy for you and you know I love you! Also, now you’re my jeethani. What should I call you?”

“Jiji, you’re my JIJI and you will always treat me as your younger, not like a jeethani!”

“But Arnavji, how did you find out about Shyamji?”

“Long story, I’ll tell it some other day!”

They both smiled and Arnav smiled and told Kushi and Payal they should go to sleep!


Garima walked over to the priest that was sitting there and said, “Panditji, humare beti ki shaadi karvani hai.”

“Ji what’s her name?”

“Kushi, here is her photo and her personal information.” Pandiji was shocked at the photo wasn’t she the girl that the atheist boy had married but he shook it out of his mind and gave Garima photos of some guys.

“Here are some photos of guys; pick some photos out and I will ask them to meet Kushi. Their bio-data is on the back.

“Thank you, Namaste.”



“Chamkili, why are you here? I thought you would be with Arnav.”

“Lavanyaji, stop pulling my leg. How can I sleep in Arnav’s room?”

“Chamkili, he’s your husband! You’re married and you should be celebrating your suhaag raat with Arnav not sleeping in this guest room alone! Come on, I will drop you off in his room. It’s tradition right? I will bring some milk to! Now let’s go! I almost forgot you have to dress like a bride.”

Lavanya left leaving Kushi completely confused and when she came back she bought a beautiful red and green lengha with gold lining. After Kushi got dressed Lavanya helped her put on jewelry and make up. Now she looked like a bride, she looked beautiful. Lavanya took Kushi to Arnav’s room; she had to drag her because Kushi was too shy.

“Lavanyaji, Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Chamkili, what can go wrong?”

“What if someone see us together? What will they think?”

“Chamkili, you think too much! I promise you nothing will go wrong!”

When they reached the door Lavanya knocked, Arnav opened the door and was stunned. Behind Arnav, Kushi saw a beautifully decorated room with candles and red rose petals.

Lavanya explained that it was Arnav’s plan, he wanted Kushi to tell Lavanya about their marriage. He was the one that came up with the idea of role play, Arnav even made Lavanya insist on Kushi spending the night so he could plan the suhaag raat. He even got Anjali in this, she provided the lengha.

Precap: Mamiji slapped Kushi.

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